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Wondering How to Drive In-Store Traffic with Appointment Bookings? We’ve Got the 4-1-1

Today, physical retail is a powerful channel for building relationships with customers. But with more and more customers shopping online, retailers...

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The Importance of Localization and Relationship Building in the Sports World

Roaring crowds. Anxious silences. Making that perfect pass or the shared tension of a match point. These are just some of the experiences that...

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How the Pandemic Changed the Game For Sporting Goods Retailers

For many people, the morning workout is their favorite part of the day. It can wake both the body and the brain better than a cup of coffee.

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Podcast: The Age of the Empowered Associate

Salesfloor co-founder and CEO, Oscar Sachs, joined "The Retail Doctor", Bob Phibbs, and Regina Aiello of Ben Bridge Jeweler as guests on the Retail...

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Diversity & Inclusion in the Retail Workplace

If you’ve ever dabbled in the stock market you’ve likely been told to “diversify your portfolio” or given other similar advice. And you’d be right to...

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Using Technology to Improve Employee Experience

As the labor shortage drags on, retail executives are looking for new, innovative ways to attract top talent. However, finding great employees is...

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Where Do Associates and Immersive Virtual Retail Fit in the Metaverse?

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has reinvigorated popular interest in the Metaverse, an entire digital reality for user to work, play, and interact...

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Watch: Who Is the New Sales Associate?

The way the retail world defines the sales associate is changing constantly, but never moreso than in the past 20 months since the pandemic began. As...

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The Reality of Today’s Omnichannel Retail Landscape and the Stars Behind the Movement

This article was originally published on December 9, 2021 by Total Retail.

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Rethinking the Retail Labor Market

The COVID-19 pandemic has rewritten the rules of retail from top to bottom. It’s changed customer expectations for cleanliness and safety while...

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