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4 Reasons Why Beauty Brands Should Invest in Tech in 2023

This year's hottest beauty trend is not TikTok's famous “sunburn blush” or “laminated brows.” Instead, brands are betting big on beauty tech. 

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The New Beauty Shopping Experience: How to Deliver What Customers Want in 2023

For many consumers, the pandemic was an opportunity to rethink their beauty routines. In the absence of schools, offices and social gatherings,...

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Enhancing Sales & Service Through Clienteling: The Cos Bar Story

The last two years have presented the retail landscape with new challenges and opportunities to evolve. For those in the beauty industry—a space...

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The New Beauty Retail Mindset

We don’t normally think about beauty retail and technology at the same time. That’s not because there’s no relationship; technology has helped...

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Diversity & Inclusion in the Retail Workplace

If you’ve ever dabbled in the stock market you’ve likely been told to “diversify your portfolio” or given other similar advice. And you’d be right to...

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2022 Trend Report: Filling the Need for Inclusive Retail Experiences

The pandemic pushed the already supersonic digital acceleration into warp drive with technology innovation and adoption predictions coming to pass...

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2021 Beauty Consumer Survey

Beauty retailers have some extra intel to base strategies on this holiday season thanks to Salesfloor’s inaugural beauty survey.

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Stretched Supply Chains Need Creative Solutions

With the 2021 Holiday Season already picking up, retailers are still facing significant challenges when it comes to capitalising on pent-up...

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Reimagining the Future Shopping Center

Thanks to the growth of online shopping and digital store fronts, the future of brick-and-mortar retail was already in question prior to the...

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Drive Store Traffic & Increase Sales Across Channels

Retailers like Chico’s and Saks Fifth Avenue are leveraging Salesfloor to overcome challenges in the retail industry such as decreased store traffic...

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