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5 Tips to Elevate Your In-Store Experience in 2023

Despite the acceleration of ecommerce, physical stores continue to be an essential channel for retailers in 2023. Today, 85% of all retail sales occur

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Three Reasons Retailers Should Invest in Technology During a Recession

Over the last three years, retailers have battled economic uncertainty. Record-high inflation, global conflicts and the impact of the pandemic have...

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3 Ways To Encourage Customer Loyalty During an Economic Downturn

For retailers, 2022 has been a tumultuous year. Record high inflation, continued supply chain issues and the war in Ukraine have contributed to an...

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The Future of Retail: 4 Tips for Creating a Retail Experience that Resonates

There is only one constant in retail: change. 

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How to Turn Your Store Locator Into a Modern, Multi-Experience Journey

Is your retail store stuck in the 1980’s? If you’re not currently utilizing your store locator as a tool for driving sales, the simple answer isyes....

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Recreating the Department Store Experience Online

Department stores are in a class all their own when it comes to retail, offering a unique shopping experience. Part of this comes from the sheer size...

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Drive Sales with Product Usage Data

The onset of the digital age has transformed customers’ expectations when it comes to the shopping experience. Amazon’s famous one-day prime delivery...

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It's Time to Remake the Rule of Seven for the Digital Age

For almost a century now one of the main maxims of marketing has been the famous “Rule of Seven.” It almost sounds like a movie title, which is...

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The New Beauty Retail Mindset

We don’t normally think about beauty retail and technology at the same time. That’s not because there’s no relationship; technology has helped...

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