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Virtual Selling Tips

The New Beauty Retail Mindset

We don’t normally think about beauty retail and technology at the same time. That’s not because there’s no relationship; technology has helped...

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Using Technology to Improve Employee Experience

As the labor shortage drags on, retail executives are looking for new, innovative ways to attract top talent. However, finding great employees is...

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Watch: Who Is the New Sales Associate?

The way the retail world defines the sales associate is changing constantly, but never moreso than in the past 20 months since the pandemic began....

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2021 Beauty Consumer Survey

Beauty retailers have some extra intel to base strategies on this holiday season thanks to Salesfloor’s inaugural beauty survey.

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Listen: Brick and Mortar Reborn Podcast

Some of the best in-store experiences start online. In this episode of Brick & Motor Reborn with Bobby Marhamat, Oscar Sachs highlights how...

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Listen: Virtual Selling and the Omnichannel Journey

How can #virtualselling result in higher customer engagement? Ben Rodier, our Co-Founder & Chief Client Officer shared his Salesfloor journey with...

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National Jeweler Webinar

How can virtual selling grow your customer base? Oscar Sachs shared with National Jeweler‘s Lenore Fedow how retailers are employing virtual...

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Virtual Selling Sales Surpass $2 Billion USD with Salesfloor

Store associates leveraging the Salesfloor platform served on average 71% more customers per week compared to 2019

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Drive Store Traffic & Increase Sales Across Channels

Retailers like Chico’s and Saks Fifth Avenue are leveraging Salesfloor to overcome challenges in the retail industry such as decreased store...

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Podcast: Retail Is Your Business

For the first time, e-commerce will not just be a channel for transactions – people can now actually browse and shop online, just like they did...

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