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Watch: Who Is the New Sales Associate?

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The way the retail world defines the sales associate is changing constantly, but never moreso than in the past 20 months since the pandemic began. As we ease towards the new normal and the "Great Resignation" takes hold in earnest, the role of the sales associate changes even more.

Watch as Salesfloor CEO Oscar Sachs joins "the Retail Doctor" Bob Phibbs to discuss this topic with Melissa Gonzalez, host of the Retail Refined podcast, in this Market Scale original broadcast.


Are you ready to start helping your store associates achieve greater job satisfaction while driving higher sales? The immersive virtual retailing platform that Salesfloor has created empowers sales associates to connect with digital customers. With virtual outreach tools, appointment booking, and more, Salesfloor extends the reach of your sales associates far past the brick and mortar and enhances the experience for customers wherever they are reaching you. Get in touch today to learn more.

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