Jennifer Mullen

Jennifer is Salesfloor's Content Marketing Manager. When she isn't collaborating with the team at Salesfloor, you'll find her walking her gigantic German Shepherd, painting, or losing to board games she plays with her husband and children.

Luxury in A Time of Paradigm Shifts

The adage “needs must when the devil drives” has taken on new importance during the pandemic. The digital acceleration during the pandemic has hit speeds where the once separate virtual and real-life worlds have fused, forming an alternate reality...

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Automat: The Leader in Conversational AI

In January, Salesfloor announced the acquisition of Automat, a Montreal-based conversational artificial intelligence platform.

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Podcast: The Age of the Empowered Associate

Salesfloor co-founder and CEO, Oscar Sachs, joined "The Retail Doctor", Bob Phibbs, and Regina Aiello of Ben Bridge Jeweler as guests on the Retail...

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2022 Trend Report: Filling the Need for Inclusive Retail Experiences

The pandemic pushed the already supersonic digital acceleration into warp drive with technology innovation and adoption predictions coming to pass...

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Watch: Who Is the New Sales Associate?

The way the retail world defines the sales associate is changing constantly, but never moreso than in the past 20 months since the pandemic began. As...

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3 Shopping Trends to Watch This Holiday Season

Despite the rocky road to recovery, confidence in the post-pandemic economic recovery is strong, and consumers are eager to celebrate the holidays in...

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