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Podcast: The Age of the Empowered Associate

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Salesfloor co-founder and CEO, Oscar Sachs, joined "The Retail Doctor", Bob Phibbs, and Regina Aiello of Ben Bridge Jeweler as guests on the Retail Remix podcast to drill down on the how retailers can support their sales associates.

Retail associates are at the center of every in-store customer experience. They are the faces that represent your brand to customers. They also introduce omnichannel customers to your brand by fulfilling buy-online-pay-in-store (BOPIS) orders. Giving sales associates the tools, tech, and training they need to excel empowers your in-store brand ambassadors and puts them on a path to success. And when your sales associates succeed, your brand succeeds.

Together, this panel talks about issues important to retail associates in today's economy, including the importance of training, wage issues, healthcare, technology, the importance of corporate culture, and what retailers need to do to support their sales associates.

Listen to the episode now.

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