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2022 Trend Report: Filling the Need for Inclusive Retail Experiences

The pandemic pushed the already supersonic digital acceleration into warp drive with technology innovation and adoption predictions coming to pass...

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Where Do Associates and Immersive Virtual Retail Fit in the Metaverse?

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has reinvigorated popular interest in the Metaverse, an entire digital reality for user to work, play, and interact...

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Watch: Who Is the New Sales Associate?

The way the retail world defines the sales associate is changing constantly, but never moreso than in the past 20 months since the pandemic began. As...

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2021 Beauty Consumer Survey

Beauty retailers have some extra intel to base strategies on this holiday season thanks to Salesfloor’s inaugural beauty survey.

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Stretched Supply Chains Need Creative Solutions

With the 2021 Holiday Season already picking up, retailers are still facing significant challenges when it comes to capitalising on pent-up...

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Rethinking the Retail Labor Market

The COVID-19 pandemic has rewritten the rules of retail from top to bottom. It’s changed customer expectations for cleanliness and safety while...

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Reimagining the Future Shopping Center

Thanks to the growth of online shopping and digital store fronts, the future of brick-and-mortar retail was already in question prior to the...

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3 Shopping Trends to Watch This Holiday Season

Despite the rocky road to recovery, confidence in the post-pandemic economic recovery is strong, and consumers are eager to celebrate the holidays in...

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Listen: Brick and Mortar Reborn Podcast

Some of the best in-store experiences start online. In this episode of Brick & Motor Reborn with Bobby Marhamat, Oscar Sachs highlights how...

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Salesfloor Launches Associates of the Year Awards 2021

The Associates of the Year Awards recognise and celebrate the importance of store managers and associates and their impact on the entire customer...

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