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Salesfloor Announces Record Growth in 2020

The mobile clienteling platform sees 250% increase in new business and strong demand for personalization of online customer experiences

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5 Tips for Launching Video Chat

Several years ago, Salesfloor launched video chat for store associates as a prototype to test how the functionality could be used in a real-life...

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Salesfloor Launches Annual Associates of the Year Awards

The Associate of the Year Awards will recognize the world's best sales associates as nominated by their colleagues, customers, and managers. Every...

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Salesfloor Helps Stores Bridge the Online Shopping Gap

Salesfloor's new bundle provides retailers with essential functionalities to serve online customers with live voice and video chat, text messaging,...

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3 Ways Tech Benefits Retail

With the global situation at hand, many retailers are being forced to find innovative solutions to unique issues they may have never experienced....

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Retailers with Furloughed Associates Turn to Salesfloor

Salesfloor gives retailers free access to Virtual Associate platform so that store employees can earn income while their employers are not paying...

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Connect Associates with Customers During COVID-19 Lockdowns.

As COVID-19 continues to impact the retail industry, our team at Salesfloor has been working closely with our retail partners to help continue to...

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Salesfloor Extends Free Licenses For Retailers

Salesfloor is providing free access to their clienteling platform to help retailers equip their associates to continue to serve and sell to online...

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5 Tech Items Retailers Love in 2020

With e-commerce giants like Amazon and Alibaba top of mind for today’s consumers, it seems that online retail is getting all the hype. However, to...

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2019 Holiday Spotlight: Peruvian Connection

This holiday season, we’ve partnered with Peruvian Connection to find out how they prepare for the holiday season. We interviewed Kay Moini, Vice...

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