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Tips to Combat the Holiday Labor Shortage

The holiday season is upon us, and the frenzied shoppers are already busting down the doors. With December quickly approaching, it will only get...

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Retention, Talent & Marketing KPI's for Retail

In this article, we explore what KPIs you can use to evaluate your customer retention, talent attraction, and local marketing tactics.

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Watch: The New Role of Omnichannel Associates

Watch “The New Role of Omnichannel Associates” webinar moderated by Joe Keenan, Total Retail’s Executive Editor. Hear from Kiehl’s Retail Director,...

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Salesfloor Launches Advanced Mobile Messaging Solution

North America’s leading mobile application for omnichannel associates launches shoppable SMS and support for conversational messaging apps.

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How Large Retailers Can Localize Their Marketing

We often think of the retail juggernauts as having a huge advantage over smaller, more local retailers. From big budgets and brand recognition to...

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Retail Associates Through the Decades

If you’ve ever seen the television show Mr Selfridge you know that retail used to be an entirely different business than it is today. Harry Selfridge...

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Where Does the Associate Fit in an Automated World?

We’ve all imagined it- a world where our demands are catered to by computers and robots so that a lot of the daily drudgery is taken care of by...

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3 Ways to Leverage Sales Associates for the Holidays

The holiday season is arguably the busiest time of year for retailers – both in store and online. Last year, holiday sales grew to more than $626...

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