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The Importance of Localization and Relationship Building in the Sports World

Roaring crowds. Anxious silences. Making that perfect pass or the shared tension of a match point. These are just some of the experiences that...

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Luxury in A Time of Paradigm Shifts

The adage “needs must when the devil drives” has taken on new importance during the pandemic. The digital acceleration during the pandemic has hit...

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3 Shopping Trends to Watch This Holiday Season

Despite the rocky road to recovery, confidence in the post-pandemic economic recovery is strong, and consumers are eager to celebrate the holidays in...

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5 Clienteling Strategies to Prepare for Store Traffic Post COVID-19

Store closures caused by the COVID-19 pandemic encouraged consumers to turn to e-commerce more than they ever have before. But some habits are here...

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2019 Holiday Spotlight: Peruvian Connection

This holiday season, we’ve partnered with Peruvian Connection to find out how they prepare for the holiday season. We interviewed Kay Moini, Vice...

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Winning the Holidays: Essential Tips For Retailers

Thanksgiving boasts many bells and whistles all on its own, but retailers know that the real event trails closely behind turkey day. If you haven’t...

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3 Important Customer Journeys Retailers Should Understand

As the variety of touchpoints in the retail world continue to grow in number, the customer journey as well continues to grow into an increasingly...

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The Evolving Customer

Watch “The Evolving Customer” webinar moderated by Nicole Leinbach Reyhle, Retail Minded’s Publisher. Hear from Salesfloor’s CEO, Oscar Sachs who...

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Forget Omnichannel, Think Omnipresence

Customers could care less about your omnichannel efforts, they just want consistency across mediums.

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