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Omnichannel Retail Tips (5)

How to Compete with Amazon

3 min read

How to Compete With Amazon

Most people who shop online have bought something from Amazon. It’s a site that has everything from Oprah’s favorite books to canisters of elemental...

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Our world is becoming increasingly automated. Sales associates won't become obsolete but instead will have to adapt to fit into automated world.

5 min read

Where Does the Associate Fit in an Automated World?

We’ve all imagined it- a world where our demands are catered to by computers and robots so that a lot of the daily drudgery is taken care of by...

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MIT neuroeconomists are able to show why reducing friction points in shopping increases the average transaction size and number of transactions made.

4 min read

Frictionless Shopping Increases Customer Spend

Remember the first time you watched Star Trek and saw items magically appear in the replicator on demand? The advent of mobile shopping, in-home...

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Retailers must understand their role in the consumer journey. Read here to learn how consumers make purchase decisions beyond simply price point.

4 min read

What Motivates Customers to Buy?

Customers are motivated by vastly different things. Don’t make yours motivated by price. If you had to describe recent decades as macro shopping...

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The holiday season is called the Golden Quarter for a reason. Make the most of it by connecting sales associates with customers online.

2 min read

3 Ways to Leverage Sales Associates for the Holidays

The holiday season is arguably the busiest time of year for retailers – both in store and online. Last year, holiday sales grew to more than $626...

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Customers expect the same level of service across all mediums and channels. Learn how to maintain continuity to create the ultimate consumer experience!

2 min read

Forget Omnichannel, Think Omnipresence

Customers could care less about your omnichannel efforts, they just want consistency across mediums.

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