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How to Compete with Amazon

3 min read

How to Compete With Amazon

Most people who shop online have bought something from Amazon. It’s a site that has everything from Oprah’s favorite books to canisters of elemental...

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6 min read

Retail Associates Through the Decades

If you’ve ever seen the television show Mr Selfridge you know that retail used to be an entirely different business than it is today. Harry Selfridge...

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4 min read

Retail Personalization in 2017: Exciting Times Ahead

Though the means of shopping may have changed radically, the emotional drivers surrounding it have not.

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At the heart of the retail renaissance is an exploration of what the role of brick and mortar locations will be in an increasingly digital economy.

5 min read

The Retail Storefront Renaissance

After waiting in line, you walk in to find a bustling, energetic space filled with people. You observe the crowd to include a mix of hip, young...

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Bots are increasingly being used as a way for consumers to connect with businesses online. How is this achieved and what does this mean for retailers?

3 min read

What do Bots Mean for Retailers?

Over the past year, multiple messenger bots have launched, but does that spell the end of human interaction in retail? Not likely.

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Retail sales associates are the key to creating a consistent experience online and in-store that is paramount in the current retailing landscape.

2 min read

4 New Trends in Omnichannel Retail Sales

Article originally featured on Masterclassing.

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