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Salesfloor Extends Free Licenses For Retailers

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Salesfloor is providing free access to their clienteling platform to help retailers equip their associates to continue to serve and sell to online customers from home.

 Montreal, QC, Canada – March 25, 2020Salesfloor, the industry-leading mobile application designed for store associates, announced that they are offering retailers free access to Salesfloor’s mobile clienteling platform to help the industry cope with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Salesfloor has been collaborating with clients to develop solutions to keep their businesses operational and keep serving their customers online during these times. Now they are extending this possibility at no cost to retailers who do not already have the Salesfloor app.

“These are difficult, unprecedented times. Our clienteling platform is helping retailers and store associates by allowing them to continue to serve and selling to online customers while they’re working from home.” said Oscar Sachs, CEO at Salesfloor.  “Although stores are shutting down, e-commerce is still is still up and running, and retailers are shifting their focus to online sales. We have the tools to help retailers get through this, and we want to show the retail community we are there to support them.”

Store Associates that have been sent home due to store closures can access public versions of the Salesfloor app through the AppStore (Apple) or Play Store (Android). Online customers can connect to real-life associates via live chat, e-mail, and SMS. They can also shop online with their local store associates on associate Storefronts. Associates are able to continue creating relationships with their local customers, respond to incoming inquiries and assist shoppers online.

In the first week following the first wave of retail store closures, Salesfloor’s first-party data showed a 47% increase in online interactions between associates and their customers as well as an 89% increase in sales resulting from a clienteling interaction.

Salesfloor is also providing additional end-user support for retailers that are helping associates transition to remote access. They are offering retailers everything needed to launch clienteling in 30 days, including training and support.

Retailers that would like to obtain the free license should click here or  contact info@salesfloor.net.

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