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Case Study:      Peruvian Connection

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MONTREAL, May 22, 2018 — A new case study released by Salesfloor in partnership with its client, Peruvian Connection, showcases best practices and performance metrics in the 30 days following the implementation of Salesfloor. The study, “Connecting Today’s Shopper with Store Associates,” demonstrates how when store associates were empowered to serve customers online and in-store with the right tools, they created a 25% increase in sales.

Peruvian Connection turned to Salesfloor to help address the challenge many retailers currently face: how can their associates connect and serve their online shopper, while bringing them back in-store? Launched in the first quarter of 2018, associates using Salesfloor saw a rapid adoption rate from both associates and customers, contributing to higher in-store sales, AOV and new customer acquisitions.

“Salesfloor is the solution we’ve been looking for. It empowers our associates to serve customers online and in-store,” says Kay Moini, VP of Retail for Peruvian Connection. “We’ve seen fantastic results within the first 30 days and are excited to continue to see the benefits of delivering a true omnichannel experience for our customers, using Salesfloor.”

Initial 30-day results:

  • 32% increase in average online order value
  • 25% increase in in-store sales
  • 20% increase in new customer acquisitions
  • 4x increase in online conversion rates

“The team at Peruvian Connection wanted to solve a problem that many retailers face in bridging the customer experience gap between stores and online,” said Ben Rodier, COO and Co-Founder of Salesfloor. “Our performance data in the first 30 days shows a high level of engagement from associates and an overnight impact on sales and conversions.”

Peruvian Connection’s success within the first 30 days of launching Salesfloor has motivated associates to continue using the platform to its full potential. In building a deeper relationship with their customers, associates have been better equipped to provide more personalized recommendations, reach out to customers at the right time and get more returning customers than ever.

For more information about the study, please visit http://salesfloor.net/case-study-connected-store-associates/. For more information on Salesfloor, visit http://salesfloor.net/.


Founded in 2013, Salesfloor (www.salesfloor.net) was created to address the significant void in service that shoppers experience when using a retailer’s website to shop compared to when shopping in store. With Salesfloor, customers can shop online directly with the store or local sales associate, and benefit from the same high-quality experience online as they receive in store. Salesfloor currently operates from New York, Montreal and London with a team of retail executives and technologists. Retailers currently using Salesfloor’s platform include Bloomingdale’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, Kiehl’s, Ann Taylor and more.


While researching anthropology in Peru, Annie Hurlbut Zander fell in love with extraordinary hand-woven mantas and ponchos that she discovered in the markets of Cuzco. Fascinated by these ethnographic textiles, she began collecting them, learning everything she could about the spinning and dyeing of the alpaca fibers, the warp-faced weaving techniques and the ancient textile traditions of the Andes.

Since launching in 1976, Peruvian Connection (www.peruvianconnection.com) has grown into an internationally renowned brand for luxury Peruvian textiles and fibers with 7 stores, full of artisan-made garments expanding 5 collections per year. Since the first alpaca sweater, the original vision remains: to offer artisan-made designs in indigenous Andean luxury fibers. Each piece is a celebration of ethnographic textiles from around the world, made by skilled artisans whose art form will continue to be a time-honored tradition with Peruvian Connection. Alpaca remains the constant thread throughout each collection, as we continue to support and preserve the most luxurious Peruvian fibers.

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