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Listen: Brick and Mortar Reborn Podcast

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Some of the best in-store experiences start online. In this episode of Brick & Motor Reborn with Bobby Marhamat, Oscar Sachs highlights how enterprise retailers who are looking to differentiate their online experience use virtual selling to successfully drive digital customers to the store. In the past associates have been responsible for in-store traffic.

However, technology has allowed retailers to leverage associates’ product expertise, serve customers online and in-store and boost e-commerce sales. Thus, virtual selling has created a bridge between online and in-store sales experience.

Store associates differentiate the online experience for shoppers and provide a seamless sales experience from online to in-store. Oscar highlights the two main objectives Salesfloor solves:

  • How to leverage store associates to differentiate the online experience?
  • How to leverage product experts to serve local online customers so that they can start their customer journey online and finish in-store?

He goes on to mention how store associates should not be limited by store inventory and must be able to review endless aisle catalogs to be able to place an order for the product from various locations in-store.

Listen to the full podcast here:




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