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How to Evaluate Salesfloor as an Alternative to Klarna Virtual Shopping

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In the rapidly evolving retail landscape, virtual shopping has emerged as a cornerstone for brands looking to meet the growing demand for personalized online shopping. Two platforms at the forefront of this revolution are Salesfloor and Klarna Virtual Shopping. Both platforms offer distinct approaches to integrating the convenience of online shopping with the personalized service traditionally found in physical stores. 

This blog post explores why you should consider Salesfloor as an alternative to Klarna Virtual Shopping:

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Klarna Virtual Shopping vs. Salesfloor: A Detailed Comparison

  1. Live Chat, Video & SMS Shopping: 
  • Klarna: Offers a platform for customers to connect with in-store experts through live chat and video calls, aiming to bring the in-store experience online. This facilitates immediate, personalized shopping assistance.

  • Salesfloor: Provides an enhanced level of interaction through live chat, SMS and video shopping & more, allowing store associates to offer personalized guidance.

    • Live Chat: Salesfloor offers live chat functionality, enabling customers to connect with store associates in real-time. Further, proprietary routing algorithms use next-best availability of product experts so that customers connect quickly, while reducing the labour impact of serving customers.

    • SMS: In addition to live chat, Salesfloor also supports communication via SMS. This feature enables customers to engage with store associates through text messages, providing another convenient channel for communication and link sharing.

    • Video Shopping: Salesfloor's platform allows customers to interact with store associates via video calls. This feature brings a more immersive and personalized shopping experience, similar to interacting with an expert in-store.

    • Appointment Booking: Salesfloor facilitates appointment scheduling for both in-store and virtual meetings.


  1. Payment and Checkout Integration:
  • Klarna: The platform is best-known for their buy-now, pay-later options. Klarna integrates these payment options into the virtual shopping experience, streamlining the checkout process for customers.

  • Salesfloor: Salesfloor is seamlessly integrated into the retailer’s e-commerce platform, offering the same convenience of payment integration, with the addition of associate attribution. 

  1. Personalization and Clienteling:
  • Klarna: Focuses on connecting customers with store associates for a more personalized shopping experience, but does not extensively detail tools for deep clienteling, or customer journey personalization in its virtual shopping solution.

  • Salesfloor: Excels in this area by offering omnichannel clienteling tools, including personalized storefronts for associates, detailed customer profiles, purchase history, preferences, automated marketing and follow-up communications. This enables associates to provide highly personalized recommendations and service.

    • Storefronts: With Storefronts, associates are able to curate their favorite products on a shoppable page within the brand’s website.

    • Lookbooks: Associates can share a personalized board of customer recommendations that can be easily shared with family and friends for decision input.

    • Detailed Customer Profiles: Salesfloor's platform includes detailed customer profiles that store associates can access. These profiles contain information such as purchase history, product preferences, sizing information, and any other relevant details, enabling associates to offer personalized recommendations and assistance.

    • Automated Tasking: Salesfloor enables automated tasking for associates, providing tools for follow-up communications after interactions or purchases. This feature allows associates to maintain ongoing relationships with customers, providing updates on new products or promotions.


  1. Marketing, Email and Customer Engagement:
  • Klarna: Primarily known for its payment solutions, Klarna's approach to marketing within the virtual shopping context is not a key use case.

  • Salesfloor: Features robust tools for marketing automation and customer engagement, allowing retailers to capture and enroll customers in marketing campaigns directly through the platform.

    • Personalized Marketing: Salesfloor offers automated marketing tools that can automate email campaigns, personalize promotions, and target messaging based on customer behavior and preferences, enhancing customer engagement and retention.

    • 1:Many Email: Salesfloor utilizes associate relationships by having them send branded marketing collateral by email to multiple customers.

    • Social Selling: Salesfloor allows associates to share products to social media apps that are authorized via retailers to bring personalization to the next level. 
  1. Analytics and Insights:
  • Klarna: Offers analytics related to payments and customer interactions through its virtual shopping platform, providing retailers with data to optimize the shopping experience.

  • Salesfloor: Provides detailed analytics and insights into customer behavior, preferences, and interaction history. This data supports personalized customer service and helps in identifying sales opportunities and trends.

    • In-Depth Analytics: Salesfloor’s integration with CRM and ERP systems provides associates with in-depth customer knowledge, such as purchase history and shopping activities. Give your associates the power to succeed by recommending the right product, for the right customer.

    • Associate Attribution: Salesfloor also offers a sophisticated attribution model, where sales are tracked, but can also be isolated by in-store interactions.

    • Expert Advice & Insights: Salesfloor also ensures each client has an in-house expert that provides insights based on reported data within the platform.

Conclusion: Why Choose Salesfloor for Comprehensive Virtual Shopping Features?

  1. Personalized Shopping Experience: Salesfloor empowers customers to connect directly with knowledgeable sales associates who can offer personalized recommendations and assistance throughout the shopping journey. Salesfloor’s proprietary routing algorithms use dynamic next-best availability of product experts so that customers connect quickly, while reducing the labour impact of serving customers with a personalized experience.

  2. Advanced Virtual Selling Features: Salesfloor offers advanced virtual selling features such as customizable storefronts, interactive lookbooks, and personalized email marketing. These tools empower sales associates to create tailored shopping experiences, showcase curated product collections, and send targeted communications directly to customers, enhancing engagement, driving sales, and fostering lasting customer connections.

  3. Analytics and Insights: Salesfloor provides retailers with valuable data and deeper insights into customer behavior, preferences, and trends. By leveraging these analytics across all platforms, retailers can make informed decisions to optimize their marketing strategies, product offerings, and overall business performance. Plus, the Salesfloor team connects each retailer with an in-house expert to help you understand your data and trends seen across all clients. 

While Klarna Virtual Shopping offers a solid foundation for integrating online and in-store shopping experiences with a focus on payment solutions, Salesfloor provides a more comprehensive suite of features designed for deep personalization, clienteling, and omnichannel engagement. 

Salesfloor's platform is particularly suited for retailers seeking to enhance customer relationships, drive sales through personalized engagement, and leverage detailed analytics for strategic decision-making. Salesfloor's robust toolset supports a more nuanced understanding of customer needs and preferences, enabling retailers to deliver a superior virtual shopping experience that closely mimics the personalized service found in physical stores.


“Salesfloor helps our Stylists advance our clienteling efforts and digitize the retail experience across our brands, to deliver the most amazing personal service.”

— Ann Joyce, Chief Customer Officer & EVP of Technology, Chico’s


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