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Salesfloor Enhances Mobile Checkout Module to their Growing list of Features

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With Mobile Checkout, store associates can now capture omnichannel transactions from anywhere in store on the Salesfloor app.

MONTREAL, QC, CANADA – September 3, 2019 – Salesfloor, the award-winning mobile platform designed for store associates, announces the addition of new features to its Mobile Checkout module, further empowering the 25,000 associates using the platform today. The features include expanded functionality for real-time inventory lookup, a new omnichannel shopping cart, improved payment processing and a new order fulfillment tool.

Mobile Checkout is an add-on module to Salesfloor’s existing clienteling features, creating an all-in-one solution that associates can use to serve and sell to customers across any channel. The recent enhancements unlock new clienteling capabilities, such as sending a customer a shopping cart ready to be purchased through live chat, email, SMS or almost any other method of digital communication.

The new capabilities of Salesfloor’s Mobile Checkout include:

Real-time Inventory Lookup
Intelligent search and scanning functionalities make it easy to find products for customers. Associates can search for or scan items using their mobile device then drill down to view product details, including inventory availability across all stores and the web.

Omnichannel Shopping Cart
By scanning or using Inventory Lookup, items from the current store, another store or from the online
inventory can be added to the customer’s virtual shopping cart. This allows associates to process
endless aisle transactions for in-store customers who wish to purchase out-of-stock items.

Checkout & Payment Processing
Mobile Checkout supports digital payment methods with its integrations to any PCI-compliant
payment provider. The store associate can securely process payments as sensitive customer data and
credit card information are never stored within the Salesfloor platform. The completed order is
automatically sent to the retailer’s order management system where the optimal fulfillment location is

Order Fulfillment from Stores
Store associates can view orders that were routed to their store for fulfillment, drill down to see pick
list details and claim an order to pick. The feature supports Buy Online, Pick Up in Store (BOPIS) or
shipping from stores.

“Mobile Checkout is a critical tool for retail associates to deliver personalization and convenience to their customers” said Oscar Sachs, CEO of Salesfloor. “Many retailers look for alternatives to having to implement multiple apps and solutions across different vendors to enable the functionalities they need, so I’m excited to see this consolidation create  important cost efficiencies for our clients.”

Designed to extend the functionality of retailers’ current Point of Sale systems, Salesfloor’s Mobile
Checkout eliminates the need for new, costly software implementations traditionally associated with
replacing POS systems. Mobile Checkout can be used as a stand-alone solution or bundled with
Salesfloor’s clienteling module. System integration services are available from Salesfloor’s partnerships
with Infogain and RIBA.

Media contact
Ana Bertolucci
Director of Marketing

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