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Human Touch® Launches Virtual Shopping

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Wellness Specialists at Human Touch will Leverage Salesfloor to Drive Online Sales and Connect with Customers in a Personalized Way.  

New York – April 6, 2021 Salesfloor, the industry-leading mobile clienteling and virtual selling platform, today announced its partnership with Human Touch, the U.S. market leader of innovative massage chairs, Perfect Chair® zero gravity recliners, and other wellness solutions. The partnership comes as virtual selling becomes increasingly important for salespeople across all businesses, including B2B organizations.

Human Touch supplies their wellness products to retail stores, online retailers, and through B2B channels such as health clubs, spas and doctors’ offices. They leverage the Salesfloor platform to reach and discover new business by enabling their Wellness Specialists to communicate with their customers on digital channels in a personalized way.

“The integration of the Salesfloor platform is an important step to helping us discover prospective clients and develop lasting relationships. As we strive to be a leader in dynamic customer communication, partnering with Salesfloor will be key to achieving this goal,” said David Wood, CEO of Human Touch.

Human Touch is implementing Salesfloor’s clienteling and virtual selling capabilities like:

  • New, online customers easily initiate a conversation with a local Human Touch Wellness Specialist from their website via video, live chat, e-mail, and text messaging, and receive a reply or answers to their questions in real time
  • Wellness Specialists communicate with customers in a personalized way on all digital channels
  • Wellness Specialists tailor their recommendations according to the customer and their company’s needs
  • Virtual appointments and demonstrations can be requested by customers
  • Storefronts™ allow each Wellness Specialist to highlight their favorite wellness solutions

“We’re seeing that the accelerated shift to digital interactions has been felt not only in the B2C space but in B2B as well. The partnership with Human Touch is an exciting step in expanding our B2B client-base,” said Oscar Sachs, CEO of Salesfloor. “Human Touch has a storied footprint in the wellness products industry. We’re honored to be helping them extend personalized service to online consumers and bridge the gap between selling online and in person.”

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