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Harness the Power of Email Marketing with Salesfloor

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(Written by Ben Rodier, Chief Client Officer at Salesfloor)

Working at Salesfloor, I’ve talked with thousands of associates using the Salesfloor platform across North America.

The question I am most often asked is “What should I be doing to generate more sales from customers with Salesfloor?”

The answer is simple: Email.

Studies show that people prefer email more then any other form of communication with businesses. And with more than one out of three people checking their inboxes multiple times per day, email marketing is still the best way for associates to engage their customers in conversations that lead to sales.

Associates using Salesfloor know just how powerful email can be. Email messages sent from Salesfloor are opened 3-4 times more than the retailer’s national newsletter.

So what are the most successful email marketing strategies to help associates engage with customers and maximize sales?

Here are the top eight email marketing examples to help get you started:

#1 The In-Store Follow-Up

In today’s omnichannel world, shoppers move quickly from channel to channel. Stay connected with the customers you meet in-store with a friendly message thanking them for shopping with you. Bonus points: Include the items they looked at in-store so that they can continue to shop online with you!

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#2 When the weather changes

Whether seasons are changing or there’s been an unusual change in temperature, Mother Nature is a great conversation opener, especially when it comes to local customer shopping habits. Take a moment to offer your customers your top recommended items to be more comfortable, in any climate. 

#3 It’s time to replenish / refill

Think of your customers who have purchased products such as cosmetics, fragrances or grooming products that might need a refill. A friendly follow up or reminder with a personalized message can help keep you and your store top of mind for future purchases.

#4 Create an exclusive offer 

Remind customers why they need you by offering them something exclusive, that only your customers receive. This can be in form of a special Friends & Family discount, advance access to sales or special items. Some retailers use website promo codes that associates can distribute to their preferred customers. 



#5 Top Sellers or Personal Recommendations

Your customers trust your advice because of your experience selling to other customers. Use your knowledge to curate the hottest items this week / month / year and share your expert recommendations.

 #6 Special Occasions

Show your clients you care by sending them a personalized message on their special day. Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and graduations are just some of the milestones you can use to send a personalized message. (Important: Try to avoid over-selling and use vocabulary like “Congratulations! Have a great day and hope to see you soon”)

#7 The Power to Choose

Engage your audience by offering two unique styles or options to pick from. Ask them to choose which one they prefer, so that you can build a larger assortment of recommendations based on their personal feedback.

#8 Create an exclusive invitation

Recent research shows that customers are willing to pay for experiences over stuff. Many stores are now holding events with celebrity appearances, new collection reveals and trunk shows. Use these opportunities (or create your own) and extend a personalized invitation to visit the store or shop online with you.


Hungry for more? Watch this video for more email marketing examples (coming soon)

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