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Elevating Customer Engagement: A Comprehensive Comparison of Salesfloor's Product Modules

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In today's fast-paced retail landscape, customer engagement is the key to success. With the emergence of online shopping and the ever-growing demand for personalized experiences, businesses must adapt and innovate to meet these expectations. Salesfloor, a cutting-edge customer engagement platform, offers four distinct tiers to help meet those needs—Connect, Engage, Xperience, and Maestro AI—that can be seamlessly integrated as your business grows, thus future-proofing your engagement strategy.  

At Salesfloor, we understand that each business is different, with unique customer engagement strategies. In turn, we designed a flexible platform that gives retailers the ability to quickly launch and continue to grow as their needs evolve over time. Let's delve into each tier and explore how Salesfloor empowers businesses to excel in customer engagement.

Salesfloor Connect: Building the Foundation

At its core, Salesfloor Connect serves as the foundational tier for businesses looking to establish meaningful connections with their online customers. It seamlessly bridges the gap between digital and physical by connecting customers with local store associates or digital sellers in real-time. The features of Salesfloor Connect include:

  1. Live Chat/Video Shopping: Enable real-time interactions through video calls or live chat, providing a personalized shopping experience.
  2. Chat Bot Automation: Automate responses and support customer inquiries efficiently.
  3. Custom Placements and UI: Tailor the platform's appearance to align with your brand identity.
  4. Sales Tracking & Attribution: Track the online and in-store sales attributed to interactions with Salesfloor Connect.
  5. Contact Management: Manage customer contacts effectively.
  6. Integrated Product Catalog: Seamlessly access and display product information so that customers get a personalized product recommendation.
  7. Reporting: Analyze performance data to refine engagement strategies.
  8. Geo-location and Dynamic Routing: Connect customers with nearby associates for localized, in-store assistance.

Connect 2.0: A Spotlight 

Salesfloor Connect is the starting point, ensuring that customers receive timely assistance and product recommendations, fostering increased loyalty and conversions. In 2023, Salesfloor Connect underwent an upgrade that increased engagement and chat completion rates by up to 200%. With a new UX design, Connect 2.0 provides dynamic conversations about available services, such as appointment bookings, video chat or live chat–unlike static forms. This new model was created to improve the user chat experience, which ultimately has led to more live chats and sales. 

Further, shoppers never have to worry about repetitive data entry, as Connect 2.0 remembers shoppers details for returning customers. Shoppers are greeted by a conversational flow which quickly learns their shopping intent and collects their personal contact information, allowing for easy handoff to a live in-store associate. Once an associate joins the conversation, the webchat is a channel for direct communication between the shopper and an associate. 

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Real Client Connect 2.0 Example: PCA Skin 

In a rapidly evolving beauty industry, PCA Skin sought to redefine customer engagement and create a personalized skincare experience. Their journey to success began when they integrated Margo, the AI skin expert leveraged by Salesfloor's Maestro.. Margo provides personalized skincare consultations to customers, understands their unique needs and recommends the ideal PCA Skin products. This integration empowered PCA Skin to deliver tailored recommendations with unparalleled precision.

The results from Maestro were astounding. PCA Skin witnessed a significant increase in customer satisfaction, with clients reporting higher confidence in their skincare choices. Conversion rates soared as customers embraced the expert guidance provided by Margo. Not only did PCA Skin see a boost in sales, but they also garnered invaluable customer data that helped refine their product offerings. 

Emboldened by their initial success, PCA Skin was eager to further enhance their customer engagement strategy. They decided to take a modular approach by integrating Salesfloor's Connect 2.0, the newest live chat interface. Connect 2.0 brought the in-store experience to customers' homes, allowing them to explore products and receive advice from real product experts without leaving their comfort zone. 

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Salesfloor Engage: Personalization at Scale

For businesses looking to elevate their customer engagement to the next level, Salesfloor Engage steps in as the ideal choice. It builds upon the foundation of Salesfloor Connect and extends its capabilities with:

  1. Virtual Storefronts: Create an immersive online shopping experience with branded, shoppable pages on your website.
  2. Appointment Management: Allow customers to schedule appointments with associates for a personalized shopping session.
  3. Lookbooks/Customer Boards: Curate collections alongside customers and share personalized style recommendations.
  4. Social Selling: Leverage social media for sales outreach on popular platforms such as TikTok, Instagram & more.
  5. 1:1 Outreach: Establish deeper connections with customers through individual SMS and email messaging.

Importantly, Salesfloor Engage encompasses all the features of Salesfloor Connect, ensuring a seamless transition for businesses already using the Connect tier.

Real Client Engage Example: Peruvian Connection 

Peruvian Connection is an apparel brand that combines traditional Peruvian & globally inspired styles with a modern twist. Previously, associates were equipped to serve the in-store customer, but had no way to extend the relationship online and serve the online customer. Looking for a solution to connect today’s shopper with Peruvian Connection’s store associates, Salesfloor was launched in March 2018 and they immediately saw impressive results.

By empowering associates to build relationships with customers using online storefronts, email, and social media, Peruvian Connection associates were able to serve customers across all channels. Associates were able to personalize the customer experience, connect with customers after they leave the store and extend the relationship beyond the selling floor. 

“Salesfloor is the solution we’ve been looking for. It empowers our associates to serve customers online and in-store. We’ve seen fantastic results over the years and are excited to continue to see the benefits of delivering a true omnichannel experience for our customers, using Salesfloor.” -Kay Moini, Vice President of Retail, Peruvian Connection

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Salesfloor Xperience: Elevating Customer Loyalty

Salesfloor Xperience is designed to take customer loyalty to new heights. It focuses on personalized and timely outreach, anticipating customer needs, and creating opportunities for cross-selling and upselling. The features of Xperience include:

  1. Customer Profile and History: Gain deep insights into customer preferences and shopping history.
  2. Customer Management: Streamline customer interactions and enhance relationships.
  3. Automated Smart Tasks: Automate routine tasks, freeing up time for personalized engagement.
  4. Marketing 1: Many Tasks: Efficiently manage marketing campaigns to reach a wider audience.

Salesfloor Xperience integrates all the features of both Connect and Engage, making it a fully comprehensive solution for businesses aiming to unlock untapped customer journeys and boost sales. 

Real Client Xperience Example: Relax the Back 

Relax The Back, a specialty health & wellness retailer, implemented the Salesfloor platform to personalize the client experience throughout the entire client journey. Every Relax The Back client has different comfort needs and preferences according to their health. Store consultants sometimes spent hours with one customer to understand their health needs and recommend the product that was best suited for them. The retailer implemented Salesfloor to empower store consultants with tools to provide personalized service and build connections with clients from early on in their journey- including the ones that begin online. 

One feature that has allowed Relax the Back to excel on the Salesfloor platform is automated tasks. Salesfloor’s Client Insights module collects data on all web and in-store transactions. The system analyzes the data to create automated tasks and subsequently notifies store consultants of the task. This guides consultants as to when they should be reaching out to specific clients and with what messaging. Combined with access to all their clients’ purchases, no matter where they occurred, store consultants are better equipped to send relevant communications, at the right time. Through Salesfloor, store consultants also have the ability to attach pictures or add links in text messages or emails to the client. Clients simply click through to view or make a purchase. All text messages and emails are securely sent through any device, with branded email and SMS functionality built-in.

“I received a Salesfloor inquiry about chairs purchased in the past for a local business. After profiling and making a few suggestions to the client, it ended up turning into 16 more chairs (a $31,000 sale).” - Dan, Store Consultant in Houston, Relax the Back

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Salesfloor Maestro AI: AI-Powered Personalization

Salesfloor Maestro AI represents the pinnacle of customer engagement. It introduces an AI-powered virtual advisor, Maestro, which delivers an engaging online sales experience by providing tailored recommendations driven by customer input. Key features of Maestro AI include:

  1. Conversational AI: Engage customers in intelligent conversations to understand their needs.
  2. AI Product Tagging: Enhance product recommendations through AI-driven tagging.
  3. Recommendation Engine: Deliver highly accurate product suggestions.
  4. Website Personalization: Tailor the online shopping experience based on individual preferences.

Maestro AI is a game-changer for businesses aiming to provide highly personalized shopping experiences, ensuring that customers find the right products with ease.

Real Client Maestro Example: amika

When amika began looking for Conversational AI technology, they had a simple objective in mind. They needed to offer a more intimate experience and stand out in a very competitive market. They were already using live chat, and these conversations served as early signals of bigger marketing and sales potentials. Working closely with amika’s Brand President and eCommerce team, Salesfloor Maestro created ace, the ultimate AI Hair Advisor. 

When talking to ace, customers feel like they’re talking to an expert. It doesn’t ask complex questions. It doesn’t follow a single script. It gets to know customers, asks the right questions and makes recommendations that match their specific needs. But the experience doesn’t just stop with one conversation. In real-time amika’s website is personalized, highlighting products that suit each visitor’s needs. Visit after visit, customers feel like the entire website is personalized to them, in a super clear and impactful way. 

“Maestro is a significant upgrade from quizzes and chats we’ve seen across our competitors’ websites. Their solution is really in-depth and personalized, and they’re driving great results for us.” Robbi Webb, Vice President of Ecommerce, amika

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Salesfloor's modular approach to customer engagement allows businesses to start with the most basic tier and scale up as their needs evolve. Whether you're seeking to establish connections, personalize experiences, boost loyalty, or implement cutting-edge AI, Salesfloor offers a comprehensive solution. By selecting the tier that aligns with your current business goals and evolving with the platform, you can future-proof your business in an ever-changing retail landscape. Elevate your customer engagement with Salesfloor and watch your business thrive.



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